External Asset Management (EAM)

Due to rising complexity and volatility of financial markets and dynamic global events, External Asset Manager (EAM) sector has been rapidly expanding in Asia in recent years. Hong Kong and Singapore have total 160 independent asset management firms and manage collectively US$91.5billion in private wealth as of 2017.


Our EAM investment team is comprised by experienced investment professionals with over 30 years experiences in financial market, we constantly manage assets portfolios for professional investors, family offices and trusts in the region fulfilling their risk profile and investment objectives.


Our Team

Learn more about the members of our board of directors and management team.

Brian Chung

Chief Executive Officer and Founder


Mr. Brian Chung is the founder of the Group and has worked for renowned financial institutions such as HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank.
He has extensive experience in corporate finance, capital markets, retail and high-net-worth customer wealth management products and operations. Combining years of development and experience in debt financing and investment products in the international market, coupled with ample data analysis, Mr. Chung has structured a thorough and unique insight into the operation of the financial market, especially the future development of the Asia-Pacific region.

Ken Leung

Executive Director CFPCM


Mr. Ken Leung has more than 30 years of working experience in the financial services and securities industry. He has held senior executive and supervisory positions in a number of financial institutions, including Rifa Securities, People Securities (formerly known as Minghui Financial Management). He has been responsible for private equity investment in real estate properties in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas for many years. He has a deep understanding of real estate finance and market. During his tenure in major financial institutions.

Jansen Au

Chief Investment Officer


Mr. Au Tsan Sang has more than 40 years of work experience in the financial services and securities industry. He has served as senior executives in many well-known and large financial institutions such as Haitong International Securities, Hengfeng Securities, Sidley Securities and CVP Securities, etc. During his tenure as a director of Haitong International Securities, he was responsible for the operation and management of the Guangdong and Middle East market. During his tenure as executive director of Sidley Securities, he was responsible for the establishment and management of three funds and has been actively promoting wealth management and comprehensive financial services to high-net-worth customers.

EASTIN discretionary portfolio management mandates

In our EASTIN discretionary portfolio management mandates, the assets are broadly diversified to reduce sensitivity to the market volatility while capturing investment gains. By continuous risk monitoring and controlling policy, our investment specialists ensure the mandate fulfills your risk appetite and investment objective from time to time.


We offer various choices of EASTIN portfolio management mandates

-        Fixed income portfolio*

-        Global asset allocation portfolio*


Our panel private banks and financial institutions

Bank of Singapore


Nomura Singapore Limited


Dah Sing Bank (Private Banking)


DBS Private Bank 


OCBC Wing Hang Bank 


Guotai Junan International